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     Chemistry 192 - Introductory Chemistry - Fall 2014

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Announcements & Important Course Information

Wednesday, December 24

  • Thank you for a fun and rewarding semester! Enjoy the Winter Break!


Thursday, December 11

  • Skyline College Classes are CANCELLED for Friday, December 12. I will answer questions by email tomorrow, but will not have much opportunity to respond to emails over the weekend. Feel free to send photos of problems or your work to make communication of your questions easier.

  • Reminder: FINAL EXAM is scheduled from 2:10-4:40pm on Monday, December 15.
  • The EYH Mailing has been rescheduled. Your help is still needed! A few bonus points will be awarded for participation:
    • Tuesday, December 16
    • Place: 7-338 (CHEM Lab)
    • Time: 11am - 1pm


Wednesday, December 10

  • Grade Posting (To-date)


Tuesday, December 9


Wednesday, December 3


Wednesday, November 19

  • See the LECTURE page for worksheet postings


Wednesday, November 12

  • Grade Posting
    • This is an updated grade posting.
    • If your adjusted percentage is below 75%, please see me this TODAY to discuss your performance in the class. You must earn a minimum of 70% and miss no more than two lab activities to earn a passing grade (C) in the course.


Monday, November 10

  • Hot Air Balloon Project Announcements:

    • I am postponing the date for the Balloon Flight to Wednesday, December 3, in LECTURE. The Balloon and Poster are due that day.

    • Because the mass of the balloon is required to complete your calculations for the design poster, you must complete construction of and mass your balloon before that day. Plan accordingly!

    • There will still be two open lab workdays, which students from both sections may attend: Wednesday, November 12, 11:15 am - 1:30 pm and Monday, November 24,11:15 am - 1:30 pm.

    • The Progress Report for the Hot Air Balloon is DUE on Wednesday, November 19 at the start of lecture (3:10 pm).

    • Next week's lab sessions (Nov. 17 & 19) will be regular, required lab sessions. Time permitting, some work on the balloon may be possible.

    • All of the above dates are reflected on the class calendar.

    • You may work alone, or with a partner on the balloon. You may work with any other student in the AA or AB lab section, regardless of other experiments you may have worked on with them.
  • Please see the course calendar for office hours times this week.
  • Grade Posting
    • This is the posting provided in lecture last Wednesday.
    • If your adjusted percentage is below 75%, please see me this Wednesday to discuss your performance in the class. You must earn a minimum of 70% and miss no more than two lab activities to earn a passing grade (C) in the course.


Wednesday, November 5

  • A new problem set is posted to Sapling Learning
  • New Extra Practice Worksheets are posted.
  • Exam #3 Answer Keys are posted.


Thursday, October 23


Monday, October 20

  • Several new extra practice worksheets are posted on the lecture page.


Monday, October 13

  • Problem Set #6 & Problem Set #7 are now posted. They are due on Sunday, October 19 at 6pm and Tuesday, October 21 at 6pm.
    • Note: These problems were originally part of a single problem set. I have split it into two shorter PS's, each woth the standard 5 points.


Wednesday, October 8

  • I am not feeling well today and will not be making it to campus. I am canceling classes for today, Wednesday, October 8, 2014.
  • The Salt & Sand Experiment (originally due in lecture today) will now be due at the start of your lab section next week.
  • You should be reading and working book problems in Chapter 8. We have already covered many of the topics prior to Exam #2. A new Sapling Learning problem set will be posted in the next day or two.
  • The following are the calendar entries for next week's labs. Please note that there is only one new item due in each lab section, the Experiment #7 (Hydrates) Prelab. (It is a standard prelab, but no prelab questions are assigned.) The other items that are due would have been turned in today in lab or lecture.

    • Monday (AA) Laboratory Section (10/13):
      • EXPERIMENT #7: Hydrates
        DUE: Hydrates Prelab
      • DUE: Salt & Sand Report - originally due (10/8)
    • Wednesday (AB) Laboratory Section (10/15):
      • EXPERIMENT #5: Magnesium Oxide
        DUE: Magnesium Oxide Prelab - originally due (10/8)
      • EXPERIMENT #7: Hydrates
        DUE: Hydrates Prelab
      • DUE: Salt & Sand Lab Report - originally due (10/8)

Sunday, October 5

  • Reminders:
    • Exam #2 will be administered tomorrow during lecture.
      • It will cover Chapters 4&5 and the corresponding lectures, problems, and worksheets.
      • It will also cover the Density experiment.
      • It will NOT cover moles and related calculations. Those will be covered on the next exam.


Thursday, October 2

  • See the LECTURE page for answer keys to the Formulas & Naming worksheets
  • LAB Notes:

    • The SALT & SAND REPORT will be DUE by 3:10 pm (the start of LECTURE) on Wednesday, October 8. You may submit before that time of course. There is no postlab question worksheet for this experiment.

    • The PRELAB for the Magnesium Oxide Experiment will be due at the START (11:10am) of your registered lab section next week.

    • The following is an equation and example calculating mass percent in a compound. It will be helpful in answering two of the prelab questions.

              Percent Composition

               Percent Composition Calculation


Sunday, September 28

  • Please bring the nomenclature handout provided in lecture on Wednesday to your lab meeting this week.
  • Please print the lab handout for the next experiment that we will be performing and bring with you to your lab meeting this week:


Thursday, September 25

  • A new Problem Set is posted on the Sapling Learning website. There is also a short tutorial/practice on using the formula editor.
  • Two new extra practice worksheet answer keys are posted.


Monday, September 22

  • Several new extra practice worksheets were posted over the weekend.
  • Copied from the weekend posts:
    • New notes outlines for Monday's lecture are posted:
    • Exam #1 Keys are posted on the lecture page.
  • Please consider attending a lecture to be given this coming Monday! I am offering a bonus opportunity for this lecture. If you attend and write a half to full-page summary of the talk, you will earn 3 bonus points - a small incentive to attend, but it should be a very informative talk.
    • Dr. Ryan McOmber Cooper
    • Monday, September 22nd • 4:30–5:30pm • Room 7106
    • Background: Dr. Cooper went to India on an MIT fellowship program to work with a startup, under the Indian Institute of Informational Technology, to develop mobile devices, connected through smart phones to facilitate healthcare in the villages, which have little access to doctors. Key goals included ease of use, using technology available in India and at a price that would work with the Indian economy. Ryan will talk about this effort.
  • Gay-Straight Alliance - First meeting tomorrow. All members of the Skyline College community are welcome to attend. Please pass on the word to friends and groups at the college!

    GSA Flyer


Sunday, September 21


Saturday, September 20

  • Exam #1 Keys are posted on the lecture page.
  • Additional updates will be posted by 8pm Sunday.


Friday, September 12

  • LAB Announcements:
    • Please compete your calculations for all trials you have completed in the Density experiment. In lab this week, you will be given 30-45 minutes to perform any trials you need to complete (or repeat). We will also be discussing the lab report requirements. The lab report for Density will be due in lab the following week.
    • We will also discuss and prepare the procedure and data tables for the next experiment during the lab session.
    • Please print the following before coming to your lab section on Monday or Wednesday:


Monday, September 8

  • There are minor corrections on the answer keys to two of the worksheets. Please see the lecture page for details.


Thursday, September 4

  • Additional Extra Practice Worksheets are posted on the LECTURE page.
  • Extra Practice Problems on Significant Figures are posted on Sapling Learning
  • Reminder: PS #3 is posted on Sapling Learning. It will be due Tuesday, September 9 at 6pm.
  • Reminder: The PRELAB assignment for the density experiment will be due at the start of your lab section in the coming week. It is REQUIRED to complete the prelab assignment (Purposes/Strategies/Data Tables for parts A,B,C in your LAB NOTEBOOK and the Prelab Questions) in order to perform the experiment.
  • I have extended office hours tomorrow: 11am - 12:30 pm. I will have my normal office hours next week.
  • CHEM 192 Exam Reference - This handout will be provided with exams in the course. It includes a metric prefix chart, a list of densities, and a variety of constants, equations, and conversion factors you might need to use on Exam 1 and in completing your homework. There is also information that will not be used until later in the course.
  • Exam #1 Information

    • Topics covered:
      • Lecture material through Monday, September 8
        • Monday's lecture will be primarily review, discussion, and practice. It will be very important to your ongoing preparation for the exam.
      • Laboratory: Background and problem-solving relating to Density
      • Textbook Chapters 1-3

    • To continue preparation for the exam, the following problem sources will be useful to review:
      • Problems assigned in Chapters 1-3
      • Sapling Problem Sets 1-3
      • Extra Practice on Sapling Learning
      • Extra Practice Worksheets
      • Fall 2012 Exams 1 & 2 (posted on the LECTURE page)

            Important notes on the sample exams:
        • In previous semesters, we had 50-minute lectures. There were more exams that were shorter.
        • This semester's Exam 1 will cover all of the Fall 2012 Exam 1& 2 topics, with the exception of isotopes.
        • The length of this semester's exam will also reflect our longer, 80-minute lecture.
        • The current semester exam will be a mix of multiple choice and free response questions; however, the proportion of multiple choice questions will be greater than in the sample exams.
  • Quiz #1 Information

    • Quiz #1 Keys are posted on the LECTURE page
    • Course Average: 14.7 / 20 (73.5%)
    • Standard Deviation: 3.7 (18.5 %) - reflects a wide range of scores
  • Quiz #1 Score Adjustment:

    • If the percentage you score on Exam #1 is higher than your Quiz #1 percentage, then your Quiz #1 percentage will be replaced by your Exam #1 percentage.

    • This applies only to Quiz #1 and is not likely to be repeated on any future quiz or exam.

    • If you did not do as well on Quiz #1 as you had hoped, make adjustments to the way that you are preparing for the course, so that you will be prepared for Exam #1. The score adjustment offered on Quiz #1 means that a low grade on it will not hurt your overall grade if you make necessary improvements for Exam #1.

    • If you did well, make sure that you are contnuing to properly prepare for the Exam, including newer material. As the semester progresses, you may find that it will take more preparation outside of class to continue to master the concepts.


Wednesday, September 3

  • PS #3 is posted on Sapling Learning. It will be due Tuesday, September 9 at 6pm.
  • A new worksheet is posted on the lecture page. There will be additional worksheets posted today-Friday


Tuesday, September 2


Thursday, August 28

  • Please see the lab page for the PRELAB QUESTIONS to the DENSITY experiment that will be due as part of the Prelab Assignment.


Tuesday, August 26

  • Two new activities are posted to Sapling Learning:
    • Extra Practice Problems on Conversions that will be helpful in preparing for tomorrow's quiz.
    • PS #2 - DUE Tuesday, September 2 at 6pm.
  • Answer Keys to the Math and Measurements 1-2 worksheets were posted to the LECTURE page last night.


Sunday, August 24

  • The notes outlines for the first two days of classes are posted on the LECTURE page.
  • Reminder: QUIZ #1 will be administered in lecture on Wednesday. It will cover Problem Set #1, the first three lectures, including the Introduction to Chemistry, Scientific Notation, Significant Figures Basics & Calculations with Multiplication and Division, and One-Step Conversions with Dimensional Analysis. The reading in Chapters 1 & 3 and selected sections of Chapter 2 (Scientific Notation & Significant Figures, and Metric Measurements & Unit Conversions by Dimensional Analysis) will be helpful in preparing for the quiz.
  • The Extra Practice Worksheet provided in lecture and an additional worksheet are also posted on the LECTURE page. The answer keys will be posted tomorrow evening.


August 2014

  • Welcome to CHEM 192 - Introductory Chemistry. I am looking forward to a productive, challenging, and rewarding semester.  There is important information below that I would like to share with you regarding the start of the semester.
  • Enrolled students: You are all set. Simply attend your assigned laboratory section and the lecture classes starting on the first Monday of classes, August 18. Both the Monday and Wednesday laboratory sections meet the first week! If you are enrolled in the course, attendance at your assigned laboratory section during the first two weeks of classes is required to make sure that you maintain your enrollment!
  • Waitlisted students: If you are on the course waitlist, continue to check your email up to the first day of classes to see if a spot opens for you. If it does not, attend the first laboratory and lecture class for your preferred course section. At that point, I will be able to give you a good indication of the possibility of adding to the course. During the first two weeks of classes, attendance at both the Monday and Wednesday lectures and either the Monday or the Wednesday laboratory section is required to maintain your waitlist priority.
  • Academic integrity will be be taken very seriously in the course. All students are expected to act with respect and honor codes of student conduct. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first two weeks of classes in lecture and in lab. Please scroll down on this page to read Skyline College academic honesty information.
  • Course Materials:

    • Please see the SYLLABUS for a complete listing of all of the required course materials.

    • The REQUIRED course LECTURE textbook is Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 7th Edition (paperback). We will begin using the textbook in the course right away, and it will be important that you have it. If you plan to purchase online, please do so as soon as possible.

      • Please begin reading the assigned readings from Chapters 1, 2 & 3, and working problems at the end of the reading sections. See the LECTURE page for assigned readings.

    • The REQUIRED course LABORATORY NOTEBOOK is a dual-copy, bound, numbered laboratory notebook. An appropriate laboratory notebook for chemistry courses is sold in the Skyline College Bookstore.

    • The REQUIRED course LABORATORY MANUAL is the Skyline College Chemistry 192 Laboratory Manual, which will be provided as handouts and website downloads over the course of the semester.

    • The REQUIRED course online homework system is Sapling Learning:
      • Follow the above link.
      • If you have an account, log in. If you do not have an account, create an account.
      • Please enter your first and last names in the profile as they appear on your official Skyline record. If you go by a different name or a nickname, please put it in parentheses after your first name.
      • Select Skyline College.
      • Select Introductory Chemistry - CHEM 192 - Bates.
      • When you register for the course on the system, you will be able to use it for the first two weeks of the semester for free. You must then pay to continue to have access. This will give those students on the waiting list time to determine if they will be able to enroll in the course before purchasing.

    • Laboratory safety glasses or goggles.

Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.



  • The prerequisite for CHEM 192 is:
    • Successful completion (C or better) of MATH 110 (Elementary Algebra) or equivalent.
  • Please speak with me if you have any questions regarding your preparation for the course, or to if you wish to discuss whether another course is better suited to your academic preparation or goals. Please also ask if you have questions about prerequisites or the petition process.