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     Chemistry 235-238 - Organic Chemistry 2 - Fall 2014

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Announcements & Important Course Information

Tuesday, September 16

  • CHEM 238: I am not feeling well today and I have decided to cancel lab. I will be pushing back activities and due dates in the lab by 1 week.


Monday, September 8

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #3 Correction - Please note that on three of the problems the compound potassium dichromate had the wrong formula. The formula should be K2Cr2O7. It was a typo, copied & pasted twice. It is a source of CrO3 oxidizing agent. The corrected problem set is posted. You are not required to reprint it.
  • CHEM 238: NMR Problem Set #1 Clarification - The second spectrum is for a compound with the formula C5H10O


Friday, September 5

  • CHEM 235 Review Session:
    • Monday, September 8, 8:45-9:30am in 7-304 (lecture room)
    • Will cover review topics from Organic Chemistry 1 - those particularly important to our Exam #1 and to the course generally.
    • Will be followed by regular office hours from 9:30-10 am (open to all classes), and then lecture at 10:10 am.


  • CHEM 235 Quiz #1 Information:
    • Quiz #1 Answer Key
    • Quiz #1 Average: 10/25 (40%)
    • Quiz #1 Standard Deviation: 5/25 (20%)
    • Quiz #1 Score Adjustment:
      • If the percentage you score on Exam #1 is higher than your Quiz #1 percentage, then your Quiz #1 percentage will be replaced by your Exam #1 percentage.
      • This applies only to Quiz #1 and is not likely to be repeated on any future quiz or exam.
      • If you did not do as well on Quiz #1 as you had hoped, make adjustments to the way that you are preparing for the course, so that you will be prepared for Exam #1. The score adjustment offered on Quiz #1 means that a low grade on it will not hurt your overall grade if you make necessary improvements for Exam #1.
      • If you did well, make sure that you are contnuing to properly prepare for the Exam, including newer material. As the semester progresses, you may find that it will take more preparation outside of class to continue to master the concepts.
  • CHEM 235: An extra practice worksheet is posted on the LECTURE page. An answer key and additional extra practice will be posted in the coming days.
  • CHEM 235: Exams from Fall 2007 and Exam #1 from Fall 2008 are posted on the website. Please note that these reflect a different ordering of material in the course. They are provided primarily to give you a sense of the style of the exams that will be given in the course.


Wednesday, September 3

  • CHEM 235: Problem Set #3 • Due Tuesday, September 9 by 1:10 pm
    • Hardcopy or electronic submission is OK.
    • You may slide hardcopies under the door of my office or hand them into me in lecture or the start of lab on Tuesday.
    • For electronic submissions, be sure that the files are easily readable. I recommend scanning in B&W or grayscale. For smartphone or tablet photos, be sure to brightly light your paper and photograph such that the line of sight is as close to perpendicular to the page as possible.


Friday, August 29

  • CHEM 235: Reminder - Quiz #1 will be given in lecture on Wednesday, September 3. Topics will include:
    • Organic Chemistry 1 Review:
      • Substitution, Elimination, and Addition Reactions and Mechanisms
      • Basic Chemical Structure, including orbital diagrams, resonance, and stereochemistry
    • Lecture topics, readings, and problems relating to Chapter 12, Sections 12.1-12.9A.
  • Chapter 12 End-of-Chapter Problems are posted.


Thursday, August 28

  • CHEM 238 Students: Please see the laboratory page for the Eliminations Experiment Class GC Data and the notes handouts and reference materials for the upcoming lab lecture on NMR (next Tuesday). Reminder: Your prelab for the Diels-Alder experiment and the lab report for the Eliminations Reactions and GC Analysis experiment will be due next Tuesday.
  • Students ONLY enrolled in CHEM 235: NMR is an indepedent study topic for the lecture course. It is strongly recommended that you attend the lab sessions where NMR will be lectured. If that is not possible, the textbook reading in Chapter 14 gives a good introduction to the topic. You should also review the lecture notes and example problems on the web page. The first NMR lecture in the lab will be next Tuesday at 1:10 pm ~2:30 pm.


August 22, 2014


August 21, 2014

  • The GC Technique handout and prelab questions are now posted on WebAccess.
    • Note: The PRELAB questions to answer (#1,2,4) are in a separate file from the technique.


August 19, 2014

  • CHEM 238 Laboratory will start at 1:30 pm today. We will clarify the start time for future lab sessions today.


August 2014

  • Welcome to Organic Chemistry 2 for Science Majors - CHEM 235 / 238
  • CHEM 235: Our first lecture will be on Monday, August 18 at 10:10am in 7-304. We will briefly cover course requirements on the syllabus and begin our first lecture/discussion.
  • CHEM 238: Our first laboratory meeting will be on Tuesday, August 19 at 1:10pm in 7-341. We will cover safety, have our first lab lecture, and check into lab drawers on this day.
  • Review & Getting started:
    • I recommend that you review the textbook chapters relating to CHEM 234 topics (1-11), paying close attention to the reactions studied. You can find Extra Practice Worksheets titled REACTIONS on the LECTURE page from CHEM 234 for Spring 2013.
    • You may also want to review earlier material related to bonding, nomenclature, stereochemistry, and related topics if it has been some time since you completed the first semester course. Additional worksheets relating to those areas are also available on the CHEM 234 lecture page.
  • Please visit the links to the left for other information related to the courses. The website will be the primary way that I will provide materials and communicate information to you outside of class time. Check back regularly - there will be frequent updates.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first week of classes in lecture and in lab.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.