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     Chemistry 235-238 - Organic Chemistry 2 - Fall 2013

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Announcements & Important Course Information

December 18

  • Thank you for a very rewarding semester. I enjoyed working with your class very much and wish you all the best for the future!
  • Final grades postings:
    • CHEM 235
    • CHEM 238
      • Note on the BONUS points: For those of you in lecture and lab, I applied first to the lecture and then to the lab. Because the bonus points did not make a difference for the lecture for anyone, I applied the maximum possible to the lab, and left the rest on the lecture.


December 11


November 19-20

  • Office Hours this Week (changes in bold - UPDATED):
    • M: 11am-Noon & 1-1:30pm
    • T: 2:30-4pm (in 7-341) - This is a change from the usual time.
    • W: 11am-Noon
    • F: 9:30-10am (extra), 11am-Noon & 1-2:00 pm (expanded)


November 16-17

  • Reminder: Exam #4 will be on Monday, November 25 in lecture.
  • CHEM 238
    • We will perform Experiment #41 - Synthesis of a Chalcone by an Aldol Condensation Reaction on Tuesday in lab
      • Please provide a standard PRELAB
    • If you still have questions on the sulfanilamide experiment (48), we can discuss in lab on Tuesday.
      • The Experiment 48 report will be accepted for full credit on Wednesday. (Please submit by 3pm.)
  • PS #6 is posted. It will be due November 23 at 5pm.


November 8

  • Lecture is cancelled for today.
  • Please read from the current material and work problems for Chapters 16 & 17 in the textbook.
  • Have a good weekend. See you on Tuesday and Wednesday!


November 5


October 23

  • Problem Set #5 is posted.
    • It will be due next WEDNESDAY at 9:30 am.
    • You will have unlimited attempts per question.
    • There will be no deduction per attempt.


October 22

  • CHEM 238 - Please see the CALENDAR and LABORATORY pages for updates.


October 17

  • Reminder: The outside-of-class-lecture assignment is no longer required, but each will be treated as bonus points instead - 3 points per event/lecture/summary. The same number will still be accepted: 3 for CHEM 235 and 2 for CHEM 238 (the same ones my not be used for both courses).


Friday, October 4

  • I am not feeling well, and will be cancelling class for Friday, October 4.
  • See the LECTURE page for the Orbitals & Thermodynamics worksheet answers and the Reactions 3 worksheet & answer key posted today.
  • Exam #2 - Review Guide - Fall 2013

    • This guide covers most of the topics to be covered on Exam #2, but may not be an exhaustive list. Be sure to review the course notes and reading assignments as well.

    • Many questions from the previous semester Exams #1 & #2 will be good practice for this exam.
      • Focus on the previous semster Exam #1 questions that were not focused on for the current semester Exam #1. However, all of the retrosynthesis questions will be good practice, as this is a cumulative topic.
      • Questions on the previous semester Exam #2's relating to Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and determining if a species is aromatic will be NOT covered on this semester's Exam 2.

    • Please take note the radical reactions presented in the notes outlines and the text. They are a review of topics from the first semester, and could be presented on the exam, though they were not covered at length in lecture. The mechanism of these specific radical reactions will not be the focus of questions, but rather the likely products to form in any radical reaction of an allylic or other conjugated radical based on their relative stabilities - a concept central to the current material.
  • You should currently be reading and working problems from Chapter 13 in the textbook.
  • Reminder: PS #4 is due by 5pm on Saturday, October 5. There will not be another problem set due before the exam, but the newly posted worksheet will be good additional practice, and is highly recommended.


September 28

  • As announced, Exam #2 will be postponed to the following week. Based on the feedback I received and the schedule for the course, the new exam date will be Wednesday, October 9 in lecture. I have updated this on the calendar.
  • The Sapling PS #4 will now be due on Saturday, October 5 by 5pm.
  • CHEM 238: I have updated the course calendar and the Experiment #27 handout is now posted on the LAB page.


September 19

  • Exam #1 Statistics and Grading information
    • Answer Key
    • Average = 63
    • Std. Dev. = 28
    • The lowest of your four midterm exam scores will be replaced by the average of that exam and your two highset exam scores.
  • See the LAB page for NMR PS#2 (due at the start of lab on Oct. 1) and the NMR PS#1 Answer Key.


September 16

  • Problem Set #3 is posted. It will be due this Friday at 5pm.


September 10-13

  • Correction: The third stucture on Question #1 on Nomenclature 1 is acetaldehyde (not formaldehyde).
  • I have indicated on the LECTURE page which old Exam 1 questions are relevant to Friday's Exam.
  • The Skyline College Gay-Straight Alliance begins meeting next Wednesday, September 18 as well. The club will meet in room 7-303 from 1:15 ~ 2pm. Meetings will take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the Month. GSA Website:

GSA Flyer



August 30

  • CHEM 235:
    • I recommend working on reading and problems from Chaps. 11 & 12 as well as the various extra practice worksheets posted on the LECTURE page.
    • I will post a new problem set on Sapling Learning on Tuesday, to be due the following Monday afternoon.
  • CHEM 238:
    • The class data for experiment #24 is now posted on the LABORATORY page. You will need these data in order to complete the report for Experiment #24, due by 10:10 am (the start of CHEM 235 lecture) on Friday, September 6.
    • The Experiment #38 Prelab is due at the start of lab on Tuesday, September 3.
  • Reminder for the CHEM 235 students not also enrolled in CHEM 238: I recommend that you attend the first hour of lab (meets at 1:10 pm in room 7-341) on 9/3 and 9/10 for an introduction to proton NMR spectral interpretation.


August 29
  • You should be completing the reading and problems in Chapter 11 and beginning the reading and problems in Chapter 12.
  • New worksheet resources are posted - see the LECTURE page.


August 21

  • See the lecture page for powerpoint slide handouts.
  • Visit the Sapling Learning website to view the current homework assignment. It will be due next Wednesday at 5pm.


Summer 2013

  • Welcome to Organic Chemistry 2 for Science Majors - CHEM 235 / 238
  • Our first lecture will be on Monday, August 19 at 10:10am in 7-304. We will briefly cover course requirements on the syllabus, then begin our first lecture/discussion.
  • Our first laboratory meeting will be on Tuesday, August 20 at 1:10pm in 7-341. We will cover safety, have our first lab lecture, and check into lab drawers on this day.
  • CHEM 235 (Lecture) Course Materials:
    • Required textbook: Solomons & Fryle, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 9th or 10th ed.
    • Required online homework system: Sapling Learning
    • Highly recommended: Study Guide & Solutions Manual for ORGANIC CHEMISTRY for the same edition of the text that you will be using.
    • Note on the textbook and study guide: You will want to have these from the very start of the semester. If you plan to purchase online, do so as soon as possible.
    • Highly recommended: Student Molecular Model Kit
  • CHEM 238 (Laboratory) Course Materials:
    • Please see the CHEM 238 Course Syllabus for a complete listing.
    • Required Textbook: Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach, 4th edition by Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, and Engel.
      • Again, you will want to have this text from the very start of the semester. If you plan to purchase online, do so as soon as possible.
  • Review & Getting started:
    • I recommend that you review the textbook sections in Chaps. 6-10 relating to CHEM 234 topics and work problems assigned from those sections. Extra Practice Worksheets titled Reactions will also be good review. You can find these assignments on the LECTURE page from CHEM 234 for Spring 2013.
    • You may also want to review earlier material related to bonding, nomenclature, stereochemistry, and related topics if it has been some time since you completed the first semester course. Readings and book problems as well as additional worksheets are also available on the CHEM 234 lecture page.
    • Begin reading / reviewing Chapter 11 and doing the problems assigned for that chapter.
  • Important Information & First-day Handouts:
    • CHEM 235 Course Syllabus - please check back.
    • CHEM 238 Course Syllabus - please check back.
    • Lab Handouts - Please see the LAB page (link to the lab) for materials to print prior to lab on August 20.
  • Academic integrity will be be taken very seriously in the course. All students are expected to act with respect and honor codes of student conduct. This topic will be addressed in detail in the first week of classes in lecture and in lab. Please scroll down on this page to read Skyline College academic honesty information.
  • Please visit the links to the left for other information related to the course.
    • Reading & book problem assignments and other important items are posted.
    • Check back regularly - there will be frequent updates.


Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity is an important issue in all academic settings, and will be taken very seriously by the instructor of this course, and the college generally.

  • I recognize that most students conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. I also recognize that the actions of a few dishonest students and the impact of those actions on the academic process necessitate a frank and ongoing discussion of this issue.

  • Please review the Student Handbook information on Academic Integrity.