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     Chemistry 235-238 - Organic Chemistry 2 - Fall 2014

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CHEM 235 Lecture Notes, Homework & Readings

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Problem Sets (Graded)


For Review: CHEM 234 - Spring 2013 LECTURE PAGE


Reading & Textbook Problem Assignments

  • Read & Work Problems in Chapter 12
    • End-of-Section Problems: 1,2,3ab,4,6-8,10-12,14-28
    • End-of-Chapter Problems: 31,33,35,36,38,41-43,46c,47,49,50-52,53c,54,


Lecture Notes Outlines, Lecture Information, Reference Materials, Animations, & Tutorials

  • Powerpoint Slides - These handouts are outlines of select lectures. Most of the notes for the course will be presented only in lecture.
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  • Web tutorials
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Molecular Modeling & Extra Practice Worksheets
These include selected problems on topics being studied, including problems from old exams.

Extra Practice Worksheets:


Molecular Modeling Activities:

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Current Semester Quiz & Exams Answer Keys



Previous Semester Exams & Other Exam Review Materials
The exams are for reference only. Topics on a given exam number may not match this semeter. Exam length and perceived difficulty of questions may also vary. Topics guides are not necessarily a complete listing of all topics that may be covered on a particular exam, but do list topics of emphasis.