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Description of Canada OnLine Classes for Starting & Growing Your business

OnLine Small Business Classes for the World!
Canada College Small Business Development Center
classes will make it convenient for the Business Owner/Entrepreneur to "Evaluate, Start and Grow" their Business.

We hope everyone Benefits and Enjoys the OnLine Experience!

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Small Business Development

#1 How to Evaluate, Start & Grow Your Business- One Credit,

Business owners & Students will learn what it takes to "Evaluate, Start and Grow" a small business. Topics include:

  • How to evaluate their business idea & how to use "Classic Marketing Principles" to determine if there is a NEED for their Product/Service,
  • Study the competition, pricing, packaging, distribution, etc. to see how these factors could affect Your business,
  • Determine how much it could cost to start Your business & the type of personal and family commitment required for success,
  • Learn the mechanics and legal aspects of starting Your Business.
  • Determine how a Marketing and Business Plan could be Your Best initial Investment.


#2. How Your Business is Working- One Credit

This is a Great class for Business Owner/Manager that wants to improve how there business operates, or wants to increase sales, profits, employee retention, etc. Is it possible that 20% of your customers could generate 80% of your sales? Could 20% of your customers contribute 60% of your profits? Could we spend a 60% of our sales/promotion $$$'s generating 10% of our sales? All of these things are possible and happen all of the time.

Before we can change or improve almost anything, we have to "Objectively Determine" what we are doing, reference to the area that we want to change. This process does not initially ask us to "Evaluate" what we are doing, only to document what we are doing, so we can "Stand Back" and clearly see how our Business is Operating, & "See Our Business as Our Customer Sees your Business". This is especially hard for the Business Owner because we are too close to daily operations, plus there are too many time pressures. Taking this class is like hiring a Business Consultant to help You develop an Effective Business Model for Your Business. The OnLine Class is designed to guide you through this process objectively, quickly and fairly painlessly. The Topics covered are-

  • Describe Your Company/Business,
  • A Look at Present and New Customers,
  • Analyze Your Competition,
  • Study Marketing Trends for Your Industry,
  • Describe Your Advertising/Promotion Program
  • Analyze Your Sales & Profits
  • Describe Your Products/Services
  • Describe The Appearance/Function of Your Facility,
  • Describe Your Employee Training Benefits Program


#3. Increase Your Sales & Profits Using "Classic & Guerrilla Marketing"- One Credit

This OnLine class will use "Classic and Guerrilla Marketing" Tools/Techniques that are guaranteed to Increase Your Sales & Profits.


Classic Marketing:

  • The first outline will help you evaluate your present Marketing program.
  • The second outline uses "Classic Marketing" principles to conduct a informal "Marketing Needs" study for your Products/Services.
  • The third outline will help you use Classic Marketing techniques to "Identify Your Target Market, Market Niche, Competition" and how you can Differentiation & Positioning your Products/Services in the Market Place.

    Guerrilla Marketing:
  • Study the basic elements of Guerrilla Marketing. from the book "The Way of the Guerrilla: Achieving Success and Balance as an Entrepreneur in the 21st Century", Houghton Mifflin
  • Study the elements of everyday "Guerrilla Marketing Techniques/Materials". Develop "Your Theme or Identify", and Promote and Capitalize on Your Identify on all printed materials like Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, price list, etc.



#4. Develop a Functional "Business Model" for Your Company that You can Turn into a Dynamic Business Plan- One Credit

Business Owners/Students will develop a Business Plan OutLine that will be a "Dynamic Road Map" for Starting, Operating and Growing a successful business. Our Business Plan OutLine will help the Present Business Owner/Entrepreneur Analyze their Business and Develop a Business Model to achieve their Personal & Business Goals. Sections of the Business Plan include

  • Company,
  • Product/Services,
  • Marketing & Sales,
  • Management Team,
  • Finance,
  • Risk Analysis.


#5. How to "Start and Grow" a Home Based Business- One Credit

A Revolution is in progress. This revolution will affect everyone, because it will fuel the economy, create new wealth within our communities and provide quality innovative products/services that are value priced. The Revolution is the Rapid Growth of Home Based Businesses. Today Home Based Businesses are responsible for approximately $400 billion in revenues and create more than 10,000 New Jobs per DAY. It is estimated in the US that one new Home Based Business states every 10 seconds. It is also estimated that by 2001 every other household will have someone that will be earning at least part of their income from their Home Based Business. The class will-

  • Explore Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Based Business,
  • Develop a Check List to Evaluate, Start and Grow Your Home Based Business,
  • Examine regulations for starting Your HBB,
  • Develop a Mini Business and Marketing Plan for your HBB
  • Provide Internet Links to Resources that will Help Start and Grow Your Home
    Based Business.


Canada SBDC is a Partnership between Canada College & The City of Redwood City 

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