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Michael Bucher



Living Kingdoms Unite!

From a taxonomic view bread-making is one of the Animalia (you or I) mixing into the medium of water: the ground fruits (grain) of one or more of the Plantae with living Fungi (yeasts, commercial or wild) and perhaps with the deliberate addition of Eubacteria—seasoned and slowed with salt.

A goal of this site is to bring together knowledge gotten by practice with theory informed by rigorous science to produce consistent results in the making of bread that is nutricious, delicious and beautiful to look at.

For a few who find something here to be sufficient catalyst for accelerating their own progress toward that goal: rock on!

For those nearby (San Francisco Peninsula) who could benefit from personal tutoring and/or coaching: contact me about an "In home tutorial."

For those for whom everything here is not nearly enough for their serious ambitions as bakers I recommend a number of sources, sites and at least one school.



Home tutorials
A day with a baking scientist
in your own kitchen.

Baker’s Percentage
Take one part flour and all
else in proportion to it.

Bakers’ Secrets
Time and temperature
with water in rational ratios

Bakers’ Resources
Books, sites, training, classes