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Research Guides

Getting Started
Researching a Topic is designed to help you get started and guide you through the research process.

Our Research Flow Chart will help you visualize how the research process works.

Journals and Magazines - What's the Difference?
Instructors often give assignments and tell you to use journal articles instead of magazines. Not sure if you are looking at a journal or a magazine? This page might help you figure it out.

Searching the Internet

Primary Sources
Primary resources are documents or works created during the time period you are studying. For example, if you are researching the first American colonies, a diary from a settler could be use as a primary resource, as could a record of the laws from the time. Use this easy questionairre to determine if you are looking at a primary or secondary resource.

Evaluating Sources
This page gives you specific criteria to look at when you are tryoing to evaluate a resource, whether it is print or electronic.

Evaluating Internet Sources

Putting it All Together
Once you've finished writing your paper, it is time to format it. Check out our Style Guides page for resources and links to help you finish your paper in the correct style and format.

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