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It is the mission of Cañada College to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds achieve their educational goals by providing quality instruction in transfer and general education courses, professional/technical programs, basic skills and activities that foster students' personal development and academic success. Cañada College accepts responsibility for serving the community's diverse needs for lifelong enrichment and highly values close teacher to student teaching and learning relationships, support services and a co-curricular environment that contributes to personal growth and success for students.

Math Department

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Math Meeting Notes, 3/15/2006


Notes from Math Deptartment Meetings:


Math Meeting Notes, 4/20/2005


April 20, 2005

We had a nice turnout: Rich F., Amelito, Jack, Evan, Judy, Ray

Original Agenda (.doc)

Meeting Notes: (.doc) :: HTML page with links

March 2, 2005

We had a nice turnout: Rich A., Amelito, Jack, Evan, Judy, Ray

We continued our discussion on SLOs for the Math/Sci Transfer Level Program. We've identified 4 possible SLOs. One of the SLOs is regarding an "attitude" shift that addresses mathematical maturity. The discussion led to "How do we assess this particular SLO?" Leaving the question unanswered, we discussed the alignment matrix: in which courses are these program level SLO's being addressed, and in what level.

On another note, we were able to discuss, briefly, a set of course level SLOs for Math 251. However, discussion did not go very far.

Notes: Meeting Notes :: M251 SLOs


February 16, 2005

We had a small turnout: Rich A., Chuck, Amelito, Ray

We discussed how we might identify the programs in our department. We began to brainstorm as to how we might come up with goals and SLOs for each of the programs. We began work with the Math/Sci Transfer Level Program.

Notes: Handout :: Meeting Notes

Math Programs


Basic Skills



Student Learning Outcomes:


Assessments of SLO's:



College Level General Education



Student Learning Outcomes:


Assessments of SLO's:



College Level Math/Science Majors


The Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of courses for students who wish to major in mathematics, science, and engineering. The mathematics and science majors program provides opportunities to grow mathematically and lays the foundation for the challenges of upper-division mathematical and science courses in four year institutions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and use functions in many aspects for modeling.
  • Be able to apply advanced mathematical concepts to problems in mathematics and computer science, and life and physical sciences.
  • Think critically about problem-solving strategies.
  • Increase confidence and maturity in mathematics.

Assessments of SLO's:



Math Courses

Math 110: Elementary Algebra
(pdf file :: doc file)

Math 200: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
(pdf file :: doc file)

Math 251: Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
(pdf file :: doc file)

Math 252: Calculus and Analytical Geometry II
(pdf file :: doc file)