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Information about Special SLOAC Day, March 28, 2008

"Student Learning Outcomes" and "Assessments" have been around for a long time. While they are sometimes defined in multiple ways, they are tools used to expose strategies for increasing student success on three levels: institutional, program, and course. At all three levels, these tools should help faculty and students identify what knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students will gain from completing their educational plan. Engaging in the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle will ultimately enhance student success.


SLO's and Assessments in Cañada College

The Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment initiative at Cañada College is led by the Academic Senate and the Senate's Curriculum Committee. Faculty use a team approach toward developing student learning outcomes and assessments for their courses and the programs at the college. Along the Curriculum Committee, the Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator led the effort to develop the institutional/degree level student learning outcomes. A record of student learning outcomes will be kept on the Student Learning Outcomes website, in a binder in the Office of Instruction, and in program review documentation. As faculty move through the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle, we ask that they submit their updates to the Curriculum Committe and the Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator.



A Note from the SLO Coordinator

Because of the evolutionary nature of the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle, this website will always be a work in progress. I hope it will serve as a useful resource for faculty and staff in developing their student learning outcomes and assessments and reporting on their progress. If you have any comments or materials that you might be interested in adding to the website, please send me an email at

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