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February 13 , 2007: Institutional SLO in Curriculum

We are in the middle discussing Institutional SLO's. We currently have two drafts: one from the curriculum committee and one from the Business, Workforce, and Athletic division. We hope to get more information from the divisions and come back to the Curriculum Committe meeting on March 13 to continue this discussion. Everyone is welcome to attend.


October 7, 2006

Cañada SLOAC Philosophy approved by the Academic Senate Governing Council.


September 18 , 2006: Announcement!!!

There will be a workshop on an introduction to SLO's. This workshop would be useful for those who are new to SLO's and those who would like a "refresher course" on SLO's.
When: Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 1:30 - 3:30pm
Where: Room 2-10

Announcement Flyer


September 12 , 2006: Curriculum Committee

A discussion on SLO's for AA/AS Degrees was started. There was a proposed list of SLO's that were derived from our very own course catalog on what we expect students to be able to do upon receiving a AA/AS degree.


August 15, 2006: Flex Day

We were going to discuss an introduction to SLO's and institutional level SLO's, but there were very few participants, we we worked individually on course SLO's.

February 3, 2006

District-wide workshop by Mary Allen on Assessments held at CSM.

September 25, 2005

District-wide workshop by Bakersfield Community College SLO leaders held at the San Mateo Mariott.

August 16, 2005: Welcome back / SLO on Flex Day

Kick off our school year the SLOAC way.
Handout Packet: zip file


March 9, 2005

We had a good meeting last Friday. Our focus turned out to be a discussion on how we can implement the collection and documentation of student learning outcomes and assessments. We explored the progress made in the math department. We also found some examples from other institutions. We will eventually create our own model, but exploring examples is a good first step. We found also found some tools to begin our work. Click here for the handouts.

February 23, 2005

We have an upcoming workshop on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments on Friday, March 4, 2005. I am hoping to have faculty who are well on their way in terms of SLO/A's to share their findings/results. If you wish to share information, please email me:

February 8, 2005

By now, I have visited the three divisions on campus via the division meetings. I am hoping that the "the word is out" on SLOs and Assessments. It seems like the faculty are all interested in this culture and I thank the deans and Marilyn for their support.

Click here for a powerpoint view of the presentation in the Humanities Division.


December, 2004: SLO Coordinator was hired.

June, 2003: Janice Denton (Summer Faculty Symposium)

When summer session was cancelled, Cañada held a summer faculty symposium where 30 full time and part time faculty participated in a week-long symposium for teaching and learning.

December, 2002: Assessment Conference in Palm Springs
This began our quest for institutionalizing assessment on our campus.



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