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Committee Members
Fall 2009

Patricia Brannock
Patti Appel
Stacey Grasso (alternate)

Martin Bednarek
Aisha Upshaw

Creative Arts/Social Science
Mike Galisatus
Janet Black

Language Arts:
James Carranza (returns Sp10)
George Kramm
Kate Motoyama (alternate)

Ken Brown
Barbara Uchida
Theresa Martin (alternate)

Physical Education:
Shana Young

Teresa Morris
Michele Alaniz (alternate)

Student Member: tbd
Chair: Laura Demsetz

College of San Mateo

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COI Representative.

Need help writing SLO's? Assessment Committee will provide assistance, contact Jeremy Ball (ballj@smccd.edu), or see SLO Website

Committee On Instruction

The COI website is moving to COI website

You will find 2010-2011 information at the new site, including committee members, deadlines, and current and historical agenda and minutes.

Forms and other information will be moving soon.

COI has a new almost-paperless process. Submit the original signed hard copy of all forms to the Instruction Office. Submit an electronic version (may be unsigned) to Ada Delaplaine at delaplaine@smccd.edu. That's it; no photocopying!

Quick version of the course submission process:

1. Completed forms go to the COI division representative for first review and signature.

2. Forms next go to the division dean for review and signature.

3. Signed originals go to Ada Delaplaine in the VPI office; an electronic version (which does not require signatures) is sent to her as well at delaplaine@smccd.edu.

4. The electronic copy goes through technical review; comments are returned by email to the submitter and appropriate dean.

5. Revisions (if required) are sent back to Ada and the course is then posted for committee review.

For the details of which forms are required, please click on the links below.

COI Documents have been revised to reflect new processes and requirements. Please use the versions provided on this site, rather than editing older versions.


Curriculum Forms and Instructions

Creating a New Permanent Course

Submitting an Experimental Course

Revising an Existing Course

Distance Education Supplement

AA/AS Degree Competency/General Education

CSU/UC Transferability or GE Breadth Requirement

To make changes to a degree or certificate, submit a memo that justifies the changes and shows both the existing and revised requirements. The memo should signed by a faculty member and the Division Dean. To bank a course, submit a memo signed by a faculty member and the Division Dean. If the banked course is a part of a certificate or degree, a memo showing the changed requirements must also be submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: For each item on COI's monthly agenda, it is helpful if a Division or Department representative is in attendance to provide explanation and answer questions. If clarification is needed and no representative is present, the item may be postponed until the next COI meeting. 

Carnegie Units Explained
CSM Course Outlines
COI Agenda/Minutes

Committee on Instruction