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Updating an Existing Course

COI Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The California State Chancellor's Office requires that permanent course materials be updated a minimum of every 6 years. You may be revising a course for this reason, or you may be revising your course paperwork to include a new description, SLO's, or some other update. The first thing you will need to do is download the Course Update Form, which will both indicate what exact paperwork you will need for your particular revision, and also serve as a title page for your submitted paper packet. When updating a course, PLEASE BE SURE TO USE CURRENT FORMS! Although older course outlines are provided (see link below) to help you here, newer forms may require information that is not included on the old form. The Course Update Form tells you which forms you need to fill out, depending on whether your revision is minor, major** or a 6-year mandated revision. Links to any form you would need is below:

  • Course Outline
  • One 'Validation' Form for each pre/co requisite and/or recommended preparation. Which ones? If the prerequisite/corequisite or recommended preparation:
    Validation Form A indicates previous coursework or skill level
    Validation Form B is required by specific regulation or statute
    Validation Form C parallels any coursework at a 4 yr institution
    Validation Form D has a health/safety rationale
    Validation Form E is based on empirical research

    You will want to begin putting together your paperwork well in advance of the COI submission deadline. Course materials are reviewed & signed by a minimum of 2 readers prior to submission. The Permanent Course Approval Form, which entails library sign off, is not required.

    ** If the course satisfies a CSU or IGETC GE breadth requirement, the course would not require re-evaluation of the course's CSU/IGETC status unless the course update involves a substantial revision such as course objectives or content. Prerequisite changes would be considered ‘substantial’ if it involved a ‘lowering of the bar’ for enrollment. If you have any question about an updated course's status, contact the Dean of Articulation.

    **The update form requires if your course satisfies a degree applicable GE requirement. A revise of such a course would not require re-evaluation of the course's GE area status unless the revision is substantial.
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