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Record 546/1820
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 2
Collection College of San Mateo
Description Intermission in lobby of Little Theater; faculty meeting? beginninng of year?
(left to right)/
(black sweater, purse) Mary June McCue (English)/
(talking to Mary June, glasses) Alvin Alexandre (Journalism)/
(at Mary June's right, back to camera) Gerry Frasetti: Foreign student advisor)/
(on Gerry's right) (holding cup) Bob Rush (Athletics, P.E.); (glasses) Rich Harris (Athletics, P.E.); (facing Rich Harris) Rich Donner (Athletics, P.E.)/
(behind Rich Harris, sideburns) Lee Speer (English)/
(on Mary June's left, beard) Jack Gill (Chairperson, Language Arts)/
(behind Jack Gill) Lynn Pontacq (Director of Operations)/
(near door, flowered sport shirt) Philip (Flip) Prindle (Speech)/
(right of Flip, profile) Bob Smith (Engineering, Mathematics)/
(right of Bob Smith) Vince Rascon (Art)/
(top of picture, beard, glasses) Bill Owen (Machine Tool Technology);
(talking to Bill Owen) Clois McClure (Drafting)
(lower right corner of picture) (back to camera) Mike Burke (Mathematics); (glasses) John Cron (Business)\

Year Range from 1970
Object ID csmch002416
Place College of San Mateo, College Heights
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