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Gifts of appreciation (two images)

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Record 1424/1820
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 2
Collection College of San Mateo
Description Gifts of appreciation from student Paul Dawson (two images)
(image 1) Caption from John Hubbard and dated December 27, 1973, reads "Three College of San Mateo aeronautics instructors receive as a gift of appreciation from grateful alumnus Paul Dawson, standing, left, framed copy of Los Angeles Examiner issue of 1927 reporting Charles Lindbergh's historic trans-Antlantic flight to Paris. Teachers honored Kenneth Blust, lower left; Dale Blust, standing, right, and Bruce Walters. Inscription on frame callst them 'aviation professionals dedicated to aviation students.'"
(image 2) Caption .... reads "Happy (and grateful) College of San Mateo alumnus Paul Dawson, left, who had interrupted his career in middle age to return to school, presents gift of appreciation to political science instructor John Goehler. Framed 1872 issue of Harper's Weekly bears inscription honoring Goehler as a man with 'a wealth of wisdom at half the price.' Publication's cover recalls memorable instruction given by General John Dix at onset of Civil War: 'If any man attempts to haul down the American, shoot him on the spot.'"

Year Range from 1973
Object ID csmch006721
Place College of San Mateo, College Heights
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