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CSM Social Science Division -- 1970

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Record 1470/1820
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 2
Collection College of San Mateo
Description CSM Social Science Division -- Spring 1970/
(l to r)
(front row) Kern Richmond (Political Science)/ (?) / (?) /Rudolph Lapp (History)/Alan Tory (Philosophy)/Mary Miller (Clerk-Stenographer for Business and Social Science Divisions)/
(second row) Anita Fisher (Psychology)/Walter Kaufman (Division Chairman)/Noel Keys (Psychology)/ (?) /(dark hair, glasses) Doris Linder (History)/(sport coat and tie) Joseph McDonough (Psychology)/Mildred Justensen (Political Science)/Priscilla Lee (Anthropology)/Edgar Andrews (History)/Allan Brown (Dean of Students, former faculty)/Michael Clemens (Political Science)/
(third row, everyone else)Charles Devonshire (Psychology)/Carl Wagner (History)/Michael Brusin (History, Economics)/(profile) Walter Leach (Psychology)/ Donald Porter (Philosophy) /Florence Jaffy (Economics)/ (glasses) Charles Haight (History)/Richard Phipps (Political Science)/ (tie) (?) / (?) /(arms outstretched) Stuart Cooke (History)/Ward Fellows (Philosophy)/Marvin Alexander (Education)/ (?) /Gregory Davis (Political Science)/ (?) /John Kirk (Economics)

Year Range from 1970
Object ID csmch006884
Place College of San Mateo, College Heights
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