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65th Anniversary (part three - three images)

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Record 1493/1820
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 2
Collection College of San Mateo
Description 65th Anniversary gathering in Fine Arts Center (part three - three images)/
(left to right)
(image 1)
Marge (Mrs. Carl) Wagner/
Anita Fisher (Psychology)/
Rudy Lapp (History)/
David Rempel ( (ret): History, Political Science)/
Albert (Al) Acena (History)/
Carl Wagner ((ret): History, Political Science)/
Richard (Dick) Phipps ( (ret): Poitical Science)/
Michael Chriss (Astronomy)
(image 2)
Phil Garlington (Former Dean of Instruction at CSM, first President of Skyline College)/
Julio Bortolazzo (former President of CSM and Superintendent of SMCCCD)
(image 3)
Ernest Multhaup (Engineering, Mathematics, counselor)/
Lora Todesco (Business)/
Jean Multhaup (Dental Assisting)/
Mary Herman (Enabler Center, counselor)/
Eleanore Nettle (Trustee)/
(at rear, profile)
James Wyatt (Associate Chancellor, SMCCCD)

Year Range from 1987
Object ID csmchmult004266
Place College of San Mateo, College Heights
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