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Retirement party for Grace Stewart (Library staff) (part one - two images)/ (image one) The cake (image two) (at table in foregound)(right to left)/: Anderson, Mary (profile, with glasses) - (Secretary)/ Morse, Phil ( with glasses, tie) - (Administrative Assistant)/ Imgrund, Inez (facing camera) - (Secretary)/ (at table behind them)(right to left)/ (dark hair, facing camera) Helen Barr (Admin. staff)/ Heidi Baccala (Admin. staff)/ Esther Drees (Admin. staff)/ (at table behind them)(facing camera, hair pulled back) Maggie Cornahrens (Faculty: Business, Counselor)/ (extreme left)(back to camera) John Dooley (Head Librarian)/ (at same table as John Dooley, profile, glasses) Marvin Miller (Manager, Bookstore) (next to door)(profile, white hair) Virginia Muller (Staff, Coop. Ed.)
Grace Stewart's party (part one - two images) -College Heights campus: CSM since 1963 -Copyright: College of San Mateo
Grace Stewart's party - 1

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