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Panel on Prejudice (part one - three images)

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Record 1520/1820
Copyright: College of San Mateo
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Accession# 2
Collection College of San Mateo and Digital Archive
Description Panel on Prejudice (part one - three images)/
(image 1) Ron Takaki, author of book Strangers From a Different Shore", speaks. On that day, the author was a speaker at Panel on Prejudice, prompted by a "Jubal T. Early" article (unsolicited article from an unnamed author) in the campus opinion-newspaper "Monday Morning Blues" /
(left to right)
(image 1)(top portion, middle row)
Modesta Garcia (Counselor)/
Andres Gonzales (Faculty: English)/
Claire Mack (KCSM)/
(behind Claire) Rudy Lapp (Faculty: History)/
(image 3)
(in striped top) Claire Mack (KCSM staff)/
(behind Claire, arms crossed) Modesta Garcia (Counselor)/
(on Modesta's left, wearing glasses) Andres Gonzales (Faculty: English)/
(foreground, in white jacket) Lois Callahan (President, CSM)/
(behind Andres, in cardigan sweater) Irving Witt (Faculty: Sociology)/

Year Range from 1989
Object ID csmchmult004737
Place College of San Mateo, College Heights
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