Student Service Program-Concurrently Enrolled High School Students

CSM Student Services Program Improvement Surveys:
Concurrently Enrolled High School Students

Your Feedback Is Requested…
Our success depends on how well we serve students. Your feedback helps us deliver the best possible service – something we work to improve every day. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and give us your opinion of the service you received. Also, we encourage you to give us your comments and suggestions.

1. How satisfied were you with CSM's Concurrent Enrollment Program?

Extremely Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Not Satisfied

2. Would you recommend CSM's Concurrent Enrollment Program to other students?


3. Which Concurrent Enrollment service [i.e., Admissions, Counseling, Registration] did you find most useful?

4. Which Concurrent Enrollment service [i.e., Admissions, Counseling, Registration] would you like to see improved?

5. How did you hear about CSM's Concurrent Enrollment program? [Check ALL that apply]

High School staff [counselor, teacher, etc.]  
CSM Counselor  
Parents or other family members  

6. Where did you obtain your CSM Concurrent Enrollment forms?

My High School

7. Why are you interested in taking CSM courses while in high school? [Check ALL that apply]

Earn College credit  
Earn credit toward my High School diploma  
Courses[s] are not available at my High School  
College courses are more challenging to me  
My High School counselor or teacher encouraged me  
I heard good things about CSM courses  
Increase my competitive advantage for College admission  
Advance my academic level in a particular subject area [e.g., Math]