Welcome to Mart 362, Mart363, Mart366, and Mart680 at Canada College

MART 362 Digital Photography is an introductory course in understanding Digital Photography and is designed for those interested in taking digital photographs. It is designed to increase your understanding of photographic principles as applied to digital photography. Both point and shoots and digital slr's are welcome for this class. This class is useful for both PC and MAC users. You will focus on making meaningful artwork using digital imaging skills. The first two thirds of the course focuses on creative assignments that are paired with a technical skill and are to be executed using original imagery. The last third of the semester emphasizes creating a body of work, which will be presented as your final portfolio. The course consists of lectures, highlighting images by both master photographers and critiques of student work.

Sample Topics: Basic photographic skills, RAW files, 16-bit editing, color and tonal correction techniques, retouching techniques, paper comparison and different forms of output, color management, developing a body of work, copyrights, and contemporary trends in digital art.

MART 363 Advanced Digital Photography is an Advanced course in understanding Digital Photography and is designed for those interested in taking and manipulating digital photographs and have previously taken a basic digital photography course. It will focus on Digital Workflow and will teach you to import, sort, adjust, categorize and output to a fine art print or the web. Set preferences for customizing presets, importing external editing, file handling and the interface. The use of multiple libraries and catalogs for efficient workflow. Choose and filter effective metadata such as keywords, ratings, flags and labels to search large databases of photographs. Develop both raw and jpeg formatted files adjusting for white balance, skin tones, exposure, split tone, grayscale, noise reduction, focus, color and luminance aberrations. Evaluate curves, targeted adjustments, HSL (hue, saturation and luminance), color controls, image history, snapshots and presets.

Sample Topics: Lightroom Workflow, Camera RAW, Archiving in DNG and Data Asset Management, High Dynamic Range (HDR), advanced color and tonal correction techniques, advanced retouching techniques creating custom profiles, contemporary trends in digital art.