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   ASTEP!  African-American Success Through Excellence & Persistence
     Fall 2009

Patricia Deamer, ASTEP Co-coordinator
Office Building 7, Room 322
Phone: 650-738-4217

Phyllis Taylor: ASTEP Co-coordinator
Language Arts
Office Building 1, Room 133
Phone: 650-738-4233

  Skyline College
  3300 College Drive
  San Bruno CA 94066

ASTEP Learning Community Affirmation As a member of the ASTEP Community, you are called upon to adopt the following code:
 “ I am committed to my learning.  I am responsible to myself, my classmates, my instructors and my community.  I am worthy.”

Welcome to ASTEP!

Welcome to Skyline College and the ASTEP Program! The African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence Program is pleased at your decision to advance your life by attending college. You are going places and the ASTEP program can help you get there!!! Connected to the program is a, first of its kind, learning community called the African-American Experience Learning Community. Students in this learning community learn about African-American culture, tradition, identity, history, psychology and contemporary life through lectures, discussions, film, guest speakers and presentations. Each course prepares you to take that very important step towards transferring to a four-year college or university.

How can you participate in the "African-American Experience" Learning Community? 

  • Register as a Skyline College student
  • Be willing to meet with the ASTEP counselor

Email ASTEP Counselor Rev. Tim Dupre, or visit his Website


The African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence (ASTEP) Program at Skyline College is designed to attract African-American and other students and increase their chances for student success on the road to completing a college degree. This program offers students an exciting and unique opportunity to select courses from an Africentric curriculum. The ASTEP components include core courses in English, math, career and life planning, African-American History and Black Psychology. Tutorial Assistance, as well as mentoring, counseling and other support services.



What is ASTEP?

The African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence (ASTEP) program helps students of all ethnicities and abilities identify their strengths and talents. The program encourages and supports students in their educational goals, such as transferring to a four-year college or university, and earning an associate’s degree or vocational certificate.

African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence (ASTEP) program offers a strengths-based, talent-development approach which encourages and supports students in their goal of transferring to a California State University, University of California, or other 4 year college or University system to earn a Bachelor's Degree.

ASTEP includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Academic Program for Transfer  Bound Students
  • Guaranteed Courses
  • Support Resources
  • Intensive Student Monitoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • 4 Year College and University tours in the near future.


Comprehensive Academic Progrm for Transfer Bound Students (What to Do!)

  • ASTEP 1  Student declares goal to transfer to a four-year college or university
  • ASTEP 2  Student and ASTEP Counselor develop an individual Student Educational Plan (SEP) established on a strengths-based, talent-development approach which identifies what general education requirement courses the student needs to take each semester.
  • ASTEP 3  Student and ASTEP Counselor identity a specific major and the prerequisite courses necessary for that major
  • ASTEP 4  Student and ASTEP Counselor identify the college or university campus that fulfills the student's needs.

Course Options

Students have the ability to choose their courses with the help of their counselor. First-semester students typically are clustered and enrolled in two or three courses that have a common theme. Since a student’s course load is tailored to his or her ability, first semester students typically take pre-collegiate English and pre-collegiate mathematics, or transfer-level English and transfer-level mathematics.

  • Pre-collegiate English
  • Pre-collegiate Mathematics
  • Transfer Level English
  • Transfer Level Mathematics

General Education Core Requirements: Cross-Cultural Communication, African-American History 

  • Career Development
  • Computer/Learning Skills/Multi Media
  • Library and Information Resource Skills
  • Black Psychology
  • Africian Diaspora
  • Math Academy

*Program Requirements to initially participate a student must be: registered as a part-time or full-time Skyline student willing to meet with the ASTEP counselor.



Intensive Student Monitoring

  • Student Orientation
  • Regular meetings with ASTEP Counselor
  • Individual meetings with Faculty and Facilitators
  • Twice a month Faculty/Student meetings to monitor student's progress

Supplemental Instruction

• Academic learning forums
• Supplemental instruction provided in math & English, including tutoring

Other Services

  • Transfer resources for historical black colleges and universities
  • Computer skills development
  • Student leadership training, through Skyline student organizations such as Black Student Union, Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC), and Campus Ambassadors
  • 4-year college and university tours to California State University and University of California campuses, among others.