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Measure A Project List
  1. REPAIR, RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION at District Colleges where and as needed
  1. Make seismic and structural upgrades
  2. Repair or replace roofing  
  3. Remove hazardous materials, including asbestos
  4. Renovate or replace plumbing, natural gas, storm and sanitary drainage systems
  5. Install or upgrade building fire sprinkler and alarm systems
  6. Renovate and improve accessibility of restrooms
  7. Modifications/renovations for handicapped accessibility to classrooms, labs and other facilities, including new elevators and lifts
  8. Repair, modernize and construct interior and exterior instructional and support facilities on all three campuses  
  9. Install security access and communications systems to improve safety and security
  10. Replace or install campus signage to improve accessibility, circulation, and emergency an disaster response
  11. Apply interior and exterior waterproofing and painting
  12. Repair/replace interior finishes, including flooring, windows and wall systems, hardware, whiteboards, etc.
  13. Replace, repair or install erosion mitigation and landscape irrigation systems; complete other landscaping projects
  14. Energy efficiency projects to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency including but not limited to:
    1. Install/upgrade energy management and environmental control systems
    2. Repair, replace or install new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality
    3. Repair, replace or upgrade windows
    4. Replace or upgrade electrical and lighting systems
  1. Repair/modernize College libraries
  1. TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT at District Colleges where and as needed
  1. Upgrade or purchase new workforce development equipment (e.g., specialized equipment for law enforcement, fire safety, emergency and medical technician, forensics, nursing, biotechnology, automotive technology programs, etc)
  2. Upgrade or purchase new science lab equipment (e.g., microscopes, centrifuges; electronic balances, measuring scales, seismograph stations, vacuum pumps, incubators; optic systems and timers, etc)
  3. Renovate, upgrade or install infrastructure for networks to support instructional and administrative functions including distance learning
  4. Upgrade or replace computer hardware and software, including audio visual equipment
  5. Replace or upgrade obsolete communications and broadcast systems
  6. Replace or upgrade classroom equipment, furniture and fixtures (e.g., desks, workstations, chairs, tables, podiums, screens, lecterns, white boards, etc) and equipment and machinery to support College operations,
  7. Upgrade College emergency and disaster response systems, in coordination with City and County agencies.
  8. Update College library collections


  1. MAJOR PROJECTS at Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College
  1. Reconstruction/renovation of facilities to accommodate fire science, law enforcement, emergency and medical technician programs
  2. Reconstruction/renovation of existing facilities for nursing, anatomy and other science laboratories and classrooms
  3. Renovation of facilities to house the Emerging Technologies Center, including computer forensics, nanotechnology and bio-medical technology programs
  4. Reconstruction/renovation of existing facilities to support Math and Multimedia Programs
  5. Construction of new Workforce Development Center for programs such as biotechnology training programs, the Center for International Trade Development and other economic development programs
  6. Renovation/new construction of facilities to house  the Student Support Services Center (e.g., admissions, financial aid, counseling, etc)
  7. Renovation or construction of an Early Childhood Development Center
  8. Construction of new High Tech Automotive Instructional Center
  9. Demolition of outdated, non-compliant structures
  10. Other property acquisitions and improvements to meet student and community needs, including payment of lease obligations, to accommodate growth and improve accessibility
  11. Repair, replace and re-route existing roadways, pedestrian walkways, parking and public transit facilities to improve accessibility, circulation, safety and emergency response
  12. Reconstruction/renovation of existing facilities to support the University Center

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