Human Resources Department

3401 CSM DriveSan Mateo, CA 94402

Automated Service Line:  (650) 574-6555

Fax: (650) 574-6574





Recruitment/Employment/Applicant Services


Debbie Carrington, Human Resources Manager

358-6804 (Ext. 6804)

Administrative and faculty selection procedures; employee and labor relations; Board Reports; Museum of Tolerance; selection committee orientations and resources.


Megan Eznekier, Human Resources Representative

358-6822 (Ext. 6822)

Job postings; staff recruitment; online employment website specialist; classified selection committee orientations and resource.


Gina Dizon, Human Resources Assistant  

358-6723 (Ext. 6723)   

Employment website assistance; verifications of employment; address, telephone, name changes; fingerprinting appointments; Board letters, unemployment claims; subpoena.





Harry W. Joel, Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources and Employee Relations

358-6767 (Ext. 6767)

Department administrator; Employee and labor relations; HR representative to the Board of Trustees; HR policies and procedures administration; District Rules and Regulations; Human Resources advice and counsel; Collective bargaining agreements negotiation and information; classification reviews.


Compensation and Benefits Services


David Feune, Compensation and Benefits Manager

358-6775 (Ext. 6775)

Retiree benefits and payments; exit interviews; vendor contract renewals; medical and life/LTD billing; salary schedules.


Mehrdad Elahi, Human Resources Representative

358-6827 (Ext.6827)

Active employee benefits information; Employee Assistance Program; medical reimbursement and flexible spending accounts.


Ingrid Melgoza, Human Resources Representative

358-6724 (Ext. 6724)

Leave of absence; workers’ compensation information; short/long term disability.


Taeko Forrest, Human Resources Representative

358-6835 (Ext. 6835)

Salary orders; salary step increases; long service increment information; new regular employment salary.


Ada Delaplaine, Human Resources Representative

358-6779 (Ext. 6779)

Sick leave accrual for regular and adjunct faculty; sick leave/vacation accrual for administrators/classified; compensation time for classified; short-term new hires/job assignments; dental and vision billing, COBRA payment tracking.


Pano Peña, Human Resources Representative

358-6744 (Ext. 6744)

Salary orders; salary step increases; long service increment information; new regular employment salary.