Whenever I get scholarship announcements from the Skyline administration, I will post them here. Your best bet, however, is to go to the Scholarship Bulletin Board, which is located in Building One, first floor, just outside the financial aid office. Also, conduct searches over the Internet.

On-line Scholarships
Some of the Scholarships Posted Outside the Skyline Financial Aid Office

ON-LINE SCHOLARSHIPS was rated the best web site in higher education by Yahoo, Excite, PC Magazine, Lycos and many others, offers. This site offers free college scholarship searches although you have to register with them.

Fastweb, a free service that touts itself as the Internet's leading scholarship search service, helps students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, paying for college andfinding jobs during and after college.

2002 Colleges has information on college scholarships and financial aid, and offers free college scholarship searches.

Gates Millenium Scholars Program (high-achieving minority students)

Minority Scholarships and Fellowships is a searchable database of scholarship opportunities for minority applicants.

The mission of the Hispanic College Fund is to develop the next generation of Hispanic business leaders in America by awarding scholarships to deserving Hispanic students.

United Negro College Fund is an educational assistance organization with 40 private, historically black, member colleges and universities.

Thirty tribal colleges--all founded by Indians to fight high rates of poverty, educational failure and cultural loss-- created the non-profit American Indian College Fund to raise desperately-needed scholarship, endowment and operating monies.






Some of the Scholarships Posted Outside Building One's Financial Aid Office

2002 California Community College's Student Financial Aid Administrators Association (CCCSFAAA) Scholarship: October 10, 2002

Northern California Chapter of The American Institute of Wine & Food: October 11, 2002

Hispanic Scholarship Fund: October 15, 2002

MTV Fight for your rights: Lisa Lopes AIDS Scholarship: October 15, 2002

Chela Financial Scholarship: October 31, 2002

Target All-Around Scholarship: November 1, 2002

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: November 8, 2002

California Foundation for Parks & Recreation: November 8, 2002


National Education's Scholarship Giveaway: varies (every two months); December 31, 2002

Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program, University of California, Santa Cruz: January 27, 2003

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students: March 15, 2003

2002-2003 California Real Estate Endowment Fund Scholarship Program: April 15, 2003

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund: varies; September 2011 (for Independent students) & September 2030 (for Dependent students)

Child Development Grant Program: subject to funding; Call I-888-224-7268, choose option 3 and ask to have your name put on a list to receive a 2002-2003 application if and when they become available.

The National Scholars Honor Society: varies

 Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund: varies; September 2011 (for Independent students) & September 2030 (for Dependent students)

Dominican University of California: varies


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