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Proposal Announcements Archive

Bid Number Bid Type Title Release Date Mandatory Vendor Conference Closing Date Attachments
RFP 86698 RFP AMAG Access Control Software Upgrade Project 7/28/2014 Yes 8/25/2014 2:00 PM Q and A from Pre-proposal submission Meeting - July 31.pdf
Response to Q and A 2 Contractor Requirements and Prevailing Wage.pdf
Addendum 3 RFP 86698 Corrected Control Counts.pdf
RFP 86698 Notice of Pre-submission meeting.pdf
Addendum 4 RFP 86698 Proposal Due Date Extended to August 25.pdf
Response to Q and A 1 Extend bid time.pdf
Response to Q and A 4 card readers inputs testing budget.pdf
Addendum 2 RFP 86698 new schedule.pdf
Optional Site Visit Summary.pdf
Response to Q and A 5Testing protocol floor plans estimated budget exceptions to specification documents.pdf
Revised Optional Site visit summary including list of attendees.pdf
RFP 86698 AMAG Access Control Software Upgrade.pdf
Addendum 1 RFP 86698.pdf
Design Standards.pdf
2014 DW AMAG Upgrade Pre-Proposal.pdf
Response to Q and A 3 Site Visit-Software Demo.pdf
Response to Q and A 6 Who attended Site visit (3).pdf
86714 RFP ASL Interpreting Services and CART Translation Services 5/18/2015 No 6/5/2015 2:00 PM Q-A 3 5-29-15.pdf
RFP 86714 Interpreting-Translation Services Final 5-18-15 .pdf
Q-A 1 5-19-15.pdf
Q-A 2 5-22-15.pdf
86677 RFP Build to Order IBM Flex System and NetApp Storage 10/21/2013 No 8/13/2011 2:00 PM RFP 86677 IBM Flex System and Netapp Storage.pdf
RFP 86715 RFP Chartered Bus Transportation Services 6/22/2015 No 7/6/2015 2:00 PM RFP 86715 Bus Transportation.pdf
86710 RFP Chartered Bus Transportation Services for SMCCCD 3/17/2015 No 4/22/2015 2:00 PM RFP 86710 Bus Transportation.pdf
86669 RFP Contract Management Software 9/23/2013 No 10/23/2010 2:00 PM 10-4-13 Q-A-6 RFP 86669.pdf
9-26-13 Q-A-3 RFP 86669.pdf
9-26-13 Q-A-2 RFP 86669.pdf
9-25-13 Q-A_1 RFP 86669 rev1.pdf
10-7-13 Q-A-7 RFP 86669.pdf
10-1-13 Q-A-4 RFP 86669.pdf
10-3-13 Q-A-5 RFP 86669 bd.pdf
RFP 86669 Addendum 1.pdf
RFP 86669 Contract Managment Software.pdf
RFP 86701 RFP District Boardroom Audio/Video Upgrade - "CANCELLED" 11/17/2014 No 11/17/2014 12:00 AM
86651 RFP District-Wide Class Schedule and Catalog Printing and Delivery 8/15/2012 No 8/29/2012 2:00 PM 8-20-12 Q-A-2 Bid 86651.pdf
8-17-12 Q-A-1 Bid 86651.pdf
RFP 86651 Class Schedule Catalog.pdf
86649 RFP District-Wide Pouring Rights 6/12/2012 No 7/9/2012 2:00 PM Community College of San Mateo Volume (May 2011 - April 2012).xls
Pouring Rights RFP 86649 6-12-12.pdf
86650 RFP District-Wide Snack Vending Machines 6/12/2012 No 7/9/2012 2:00 PM RFP 86650 Snack Vending Machine 6-12-12.pdf
86683 RFP Facilities Use Agreement for the Tennis Court Complex at Canada College 3/13/2014 Yes 4/7/2014 2:00 PM Q-A-3 RFP 86683 3-22-14.pdf
RFP 86683 Facilities Use Agreement for the Tennis Court Complex at Canada College.pdf
Q-A-5 RFP 86683 3-26-14.pdf
Q-A-4 RFP 86683 3-23-14.pdf
Q-A-2 RFP 86683 3-20-14.pdf
RFP 86683 Proforma Budget Template.xls
Q-A-1 Mandatory Pre-Submittal Site Visit 3-19-14.pdf
RFP 86683 Proforma Budget Template updated 3-24-14 (2).xls
Q-A-6 RFP 86683 3-27-14.pdf
RFP 86683 Summer Tennis Schedule 3-26-14.pdf
86629 RFP Hydraulic Styling Chairs 2/9/2011 No 3/2/2011 2:00 PM RFP 86629.doc
86711 RFP Moving Services: Office Furniture and Equipment 5/14/2015 No 5/28/2015 2:00 PM Q-A 1 5-21-2015 (2).pdf
RFP 86711 Moving Services final 5-14-15 (1).pdf
Q-A 3 5-22-2015 .pdf
Addendum 1 5-22-15.pdf
Q-A 2 5-21-2015.pdf
Q-A 4 5-22-2015.pdf
RFP 86716 RFP On-Premises Unified Communications 9/25/2015 No 11/12/2015 2:00 PM Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-13.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-8.pdf
Response to Time Allocated for Pre-Proposal Meeting QA-2 pdf.pdf
Response to Question QA-20.pdf
Miscellaneous Questions QA-9.pdf
Response to Question QA-23.pdf
Final Q and A from Non-Mandatory RFP Meeting.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-16 pdf.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-5.pdf
Non-Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting Information.pdf
Cost and Fee Proposal.xlsx
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-7.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-6.pdf
Response to Due Date for Letter of Intent QA-1 pdf.pdf

Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendee List.pdf
Response to Call In Number for Non-Mandatory Meeting QA-4.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-17.pdf
Response to Question QA-18.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-12.pdf
RFP 86716 On Premises Unified Communications.pdf
Response to Award Process Question QA-14.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-22.pdf
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-15.pdf
Response to Quantity and Level of License QA-11.pdf
Response to Question QA-21.pdf

Response to Question QA-19.pdf
86621 RFP Outsourced Delivery of Financial Aid Disbursements 5/19/2010 No 6/16/2010 2:00 PM RFP86621 Financial Aid.doc
Q-A RFP 86621.doc
RFP 86726 RFP Public Safety Services Study 3/28/2016 No 4/18/2016 2:00 PM 2016-04-11 RFI 1 Availability of prior report.pdf
2016-03-28 Ref Brd 08-12-101B Consolidation of Security.pdf
2016-03-28 Cost Proposal Submittal Form 86726 (002).xlsx
2016-04-12 RFI 2 Organization chart and project budget.pdf
2016 03 28 RFP 86726 Public Safety Services Study.pdf
2016-04-11 MPC Report 2008.pdf
86656 RFP Sale of KCSM-TV 12/20/2012 No 2/20/2013 2:00 PM KCSM Bid Closed - four offers received.pdf
11513 Prebid Mtg Attendees.pdf
Pre-Bid Meeting.pdf
2-20-13 Q-A 1.pdf
11513 KCSMtv prebid meeting notes.pdf
Audited Financials June 30, 2012.pdf
KCSM-TV RFP 86656 122012.pdf
86635 RFP Sale of KCSM-TV 12/7/2011 Yes 2/14/2012 2:00 PM Financials--09-10 KSCM-TV.pdf
1.20.12 SutroTower Lease.pdf
Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Logistics.pdf
1.20.12 Q-A-3.pdf
KCSM-TV 6-30-11 Financial Report Black and White with Supp Pages FINAL.pdf
Urgent Pre-Bid Meeting Update.pdf
Q-A-1 doc.pdf
Revised Inventory List.pdf
01-23-13 Responses RFP
Financials--08-09 KSCM-TV.pdf
2-2-12 Q-A 5.pdf
2-9-12 Q-A 6 KCSM 86635.pdf
Copy of Attendees 1 10 12.pdf
Financials--09-10 KCSM TV CPB.pdf
Questions and Answers from bidder meeting 1 10 12 (2).pdf
Financials--06-07 KCSM-TV.PDF
RFP 86635 Sale of KCSM-TV with corrected CPB URL .pdf
Financials--07-08 KSCM-TV.pdf
2-14-12 KCSM Bids Received.pdf
Financials--10-11 KCSM-TV.pdf
1-27-12 Q-A-4.pdf
86614 RFP San Mateo Athletic and Aquatic Center Full Service Health Club Operations 10/27/2009 No 12/4/2009 2:00 PM RFP 86614-MarketStudyCSM.doc
RFP 86614-5 year Proforma.xls
Q-A 1 - RFQ 86614.doc
SM Athletic and Aquatic Center RFP 86614.doc
Bid 86614 Extension.doc
RFP 86717 RFP Transcript Processing 10/20/2015 No 11/10/2015 2:00 PM SMCCD_ RFP_86717 Cost and Fee Sheet.xlsx
Response to Miscellaneous Questions QA-3.pdf
RFP 86717 Transcript Processing 10-20-2015.pdf
Q-A 1.pdf
Response to License Question QA-2.pdf