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The San Mateo Colleges do not offer on-campus housing. Listed below are private and independently-owned housing options for International students to consider:

Option 1: Homestay

International Student Placement (ISP) has successfully placed thousands of international students with host families in the San Francisco Bay Area. They place each student in a living situation where they will feel comfortable and secure. ISP hosts are personally interviewed in their home, screened and selected for the program.

Host homes are located within a reasonable distance to the student's school, typically within a 5-mile radius. Hosts are a variety of families and come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds that matches the interest and needs of international students.

ISP provides support during the student's stay and airport pick up (for a fee).

Tel +1 650-947-8879 

Download and complete application form  

Option 2: Rent an apartment

The rent of a one bedroom apartment ranges between $1100 and $1,500 per month.  Students must be prepared for additional costs of utilities, (gas, electricity, and telephone). There is required security deposit of the first month rent (refundable).

The International Student Office at each college maintains a file of rooms in private homes, and provides students with housing information upon their arrival.

New students should plan to arrive at least two weeks before registration. Early arrival is necessary to provide adequate time to locate housing and become familiar with the area.

Option 3: Rent a room

The rent of a furnished room in the San Mateo, San Bruno and Redwood City area ranges between $900 and $1200 per month. This price usually covers all utilities and kitchen privileges.  Students are responsible for their own personal expenses, such as cooking, laundry, telephone bill, etc. 

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