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Transfer Programs 

Transfer programs are mainly available to community college students. The lower division units/courses and/or degrees completed at a community college level may be awarded to a Bachelor's at four-year universities.

Associate and Certificate degrees

San Mateo Colleges offer Associate degrees and Transfer Programs: Associate degree programs are two-year programs, Associate degree in Arts (AA degree) and Associate Degree in Science (AS degree) that will be awarded when the student successfully completes all necessary graduation requirements (60 degree applicable units/credits) with a required Grade Point Average (GPA).

Download List of Degrees Offered  

Intensive English Language Programs

Students who apply to a San Mateo College and have met all of our admission requirements, with the exception of English proficiency requirement, may choose to enroll in one of our partner English language schools.

By enrolling in one of our partner English language schools, students will receive a conditional letter of admission from the San Mateo College. When students complete the required level at our partner language school, we will issue the acceptance letter.

List of Proficiency Requirements  

Notice: As of November 15, 2013, we will no longer accept iTEP scores as meeting our English proficiency requirement.

One Year Certificate Program

Skyline College offers a one year certificate program, for those students who wish to attend an American college for one year, or for those who wish to improve upon a skill or trade. This program provides an opportunity for students to complete a certain amount of courses in a specific subject and receive a Certificate in that field.

One Year Certificate Programs  

  1. On the San Mateo Colleges application, choose "Obtain a 1 Year Certificate (Skyline College Only)"