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International students need at least $20,000 USD per academic year to cover school and living expenses. Additional funds must be available for those who plan to remain in the United States during the summer. College fees are due at the time of registration.

Estimated expenses

  Semester Year
Tuition (12 units @ $221 per unit) $2,652 USD $5,304 USD
Enrollment (12 units @ $46 per unit) $552 USD $1,104 USD
Books and Supplies $300 USD $600 USD
Medical Insurance $630 USD $1,260 USD
Local Public Transportation $200 USD $400 USD
Room/Food (minimum based on homestay for 12 months) $5,550 USD $11,100 USD
Misc $250 USD $500 USD
Total $10,134 USD $20,268 USD


Important: All costs are subject to change. Please note that the medical insurance premium is subject to change prior to August 1st renewal.


There are a limited number of one time scholarships for new international students ranging from $250 to $1000 each depending on availability of funds.

More information about Scholarships

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is mandatory for all students and is included in your tuition costs. Government sponsored students will have their private insurance evaluated on a case by case basis.