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Hostile Intruder/Shooter on Campus


Hostile Intruder

If you are a victim of or a witness to an on-campus violation of the law or believe an individual poses on imminent threat to a member or members of the campus community please contact the Public Safety Department. If in doubt, call 9-9-1-1 (on-campus phone).

Provide the following information when reporting a threat or crime:

  1. Your name and location
  2. Nature of the incident
  3. Description of the person(s) involved
  4. Description of property involved
  5. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so

If a hostile intruder is discovered in your immediate area, and you deem it unsafe, retreat to a secure location such as an office or classroom that can be locked. Turn off lights, remain quiet, keep low to the ground and hide behind a desk or other furniture.

Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the suspect except for self protection. DO NOT take unnecessary chances.

If safe to do so, stop and take time to get a good description of the suspect. Take note of the suspect's height, weight, gender, race, age, clothing, method and direction of travel and his or her name, if known. If the suspect is entering a vehicle, note the license plate number, make, model, color and outstanding characteristics. All of this takes only a few seconds and is of the utmost help and importance to the investigating officers.

Shooter on Campus

1. Call 9-9-1-1 (on-campus phone)
2. If you see or hear gunfire, notify the Public Safety Department immediately. Provide the dispatcher with all available information regarding the threat.
3. Assess the situation. If it is safer to remain in the classroom/office, then stay put and lock or barricade doors. Do not open doors unless instructed to do so by staff or authorized personnel. Emergency responders may enter the room using a master key or by providing positive identification.
4. The campus may be placed on a heightened security status. Remain quiet until more can be learned about the situation.
5. Calmly and quietly review emergency evacuation procedures to prepare for possible evacuation. Remain in classroom/office unless notified by the appropriate authorities.

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